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Modern habitat type map developed by the Resilient Landscapes Program of the San Francsico Estuary Institute-Aquatic Science Center's Delta Landscapes Project. Compiled from multiple data layers and crosswalked with the help of regional experts. Extensive documentation, including details and descriptions not available in the GIS, bibliographic references, analyses, and research methods, can be found in the report:

San Francisco Estuary Institute-Aquatic Science Center (SFEI-ASC). 2014. A Delta Transformed: Ecological Functions, Spatial Metrics, and Landscape Change in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Prepared for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and Ecosystem Restoration Program. A Report of SFEI-ASC’s Resilient Landscapes Program, Publication #729, San Francisco Estuary Institute-Aquatic Science Center, Richmond, CA.

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Map Name: Modern


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