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DeltaLandscapes/HabitatDiversity_Historical (MapServer)

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Developed by the Resilient Landscapes Program of the San Francsico Estuary Institute-Aquatic Science Center's Delta Landscapes Project. Historical data layers developed by Whipple et al. (2014) for the "Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Historical Ecology Investigation" Extensive documentation, including details and descriptions not available in the GIS, bibliographic references, analyses, and research methods, can be found in the follwoing report: San Francisco Estuary Institute-Aquatic Science Center (SFEI-ASC). 2014. A Delta Transformed: Ecological Functions, Spatial Metrics, and Landscape Change in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Prepared for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and Ecosystem Restoration Program. A Report of SFEI-ASC’s Resilient Landscapes Program, Publication #729, San Francisco Estuary Institute-Aquatic Science Center, Richmond, CA. Available online at

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